Sense of smell with flavoured tea bags {Sensory Activity}

The materials :
  • Small jars/containers
  • Flavoured tea bags (lemon, peach, strawberry, chamomile, your choice)
  • Printable pictures that represent of each scent
Directions :
  1. Put the individual teabags on each jar.
  2. Ask your child to smell each scent and after that encourage them to find the matching scent from the correct picture.
Goals :
  1. To stimulate the sense of smell. Children will recognize certain smells as comforting, yummy, scary/dangerous, exciting, etc (the sense of smell tells us so much about our environment)
  2. Improve their memories and their language communication skill.
  3. To strengthen their fine motor skill when they open and close the lid on a jar.
Enjoy your time with your little ones! ❤️❤️
-Randy Hutapea-
{mom to a 2yo son, was a kindergarten teacher in an international school}

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