Making Bumble-Bee {Kids Activity}

Today I just asked my 2 years old son to make an activity, “what do you want to make?” Then he said at loud, “a beee” 🐝 well maybe because I’ve shown him a bee picture recently and also we sang the bee nursery rhymes together, it goes like this:

There was a bee-i-ee-i-ee

Sat on a wall-i-all-i-all

And there it sat-i-at-i-at

And that was all-i-all-i-all 🐝🐝

(You can check the song in the youtube)

It’s good to introduce the nursery rhymes, poem and songs to our kids because they provide a fun, active, playground for phonemic awareness(the ability to hear the sounds and distinguish between them in the English language) – a research highlighted predictor of reading success.

Soo back to this activity is very simple to make.

The materials :
  • Construction paper (black & white)
  • Brown Foam art paper
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Googly eyes
  • Yellow paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Directions :
  1. Ask your child to roll the toilet paper into the yellow paint (this is the fun part of a sensory experience).
  2. Cut two/three strips of black construction paper. Glue them around your yellow bee body.
  3. Cut out a heart shape with the white paper. Turn it upside down and glue it onto the body. These are the wings of your bumble bee.
  4. Cut a head out of the brown foam artpaper. Now, we need some antennae too! Cut these out of black construction paper and put it on its head. Don’t forget the eyes! You can also make the nose and the smile with a marker.
  5. Glue the head onto its body.
Let’s give it a try and I hope you will have a great quality time with your kids.
-Randy Hutapea-
{mom to a 2yo son, was a kindergarten teacher in an international school}

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