Welcoming April

Three months has passed. And here I am, still catching up with time. Still in that ‘how can I use my time better’ question. It’s one of the thing that I haven’t mastered yet. One of the thing that I wanna try is waking up earlier than my baby and husband. So, I was thinking 6 am will work. But, I have to admit that I am NOT a morning person. I work best at night, when everyone is sleep and sound, when there’s no sound, no distraction, nothing.

So, these past two days I did wake up fifteen minutes earlier than my baby and it felt good. At least I have time to prepare quick breakfast, dumped the laundry in washing machine and some quiet reading time. Hopefully, I can wake up earlier tomorrow. ^^

Sometime, with an active baby by my side, I feel like I cannot finish a lot of things and I have an unproductive day. I can’t wait for my baby’s sleeping time to arrive. I know it’s bad, but some days are just hard. Don’t get me wrong, there are easy days too. But I’m thanking God for a wonderful husband that helped me a lot lately with baby K (that’s my baby). I can even went to the movie with my angels yesterday, baby free. My husband always managed to make baby K laugh so hard. And it always brings so much joy just to watch them. It made me realize that everyday is a day to make memories with my lil’ family. I want everyday to be a cheerful one. And for that, I cannot stay stress out. So, entering April I’ve prepare some activities to do with baby K everyday. I made a promise to stay happy, be positive, see things from a better angle and make some great memories everyday. I will try to upload some of the ideas, which mostly I got from the internet. And I planned to have more people write in this blog, to share insights and ideas.

So, let’s decide today to have fun and make some silly memories. Let’s climb a tree (that’s what I got from my morning reading today and I’m actually thinking about climbing one), let’s sing and dance and eat and drink and be happy!




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